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This LBC Adobe Premiere editing keyboard is designed based on specification from Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software. It is applicable for Avid Premiere Pro CS3 as well as for CS2 users. The keycaps have different colours with the special symbols denoting Premiere Pro command categories, including Previewing, Markers, Editing, Jump to points, Tools, Pull Down Menus and many more. Our keyboards for Adobe Premiere Pro are designed to maximize the use of shortcut commands simplifying your work process and speeding up your navigation. By visualizing the most used application shortcuts, our customized keyboards enhance your productivity and save up to 60% of your time!

This LBC brand keyboard functions as a standard keyboard for all your other software applications. Equipped with both PS/2 and USB connector - works with any computer and operating system ! The Premiere Pro key commands are laser-etched and will not rub off after some time like keycap stickers or labels. Our keyboards are guaranteed hasslefree.

Edit your movies super fast and fun with LBC editing keyboardS! Buy it now and save up to 70% off the regular retail price of other Avid keyboards!